The following workshops are run at Central St Matins College of Art and for companies and organizations.


Developing Your Creativity

What is Creativity? Are there methods to create creativity? How can someone be more creative? What makes creative people creative? How do they do it? Do they think differently? Act differently? There is a myth that artists and designers wait for inspiration. They don't. They work at it. This lively, fast moving course will teach participants practical, creative methods for generating ideas. It is designed to help anyone who needs simple steps to develop ways of thinking creatively. Many different techniques for generating ideas are explored in an atmosphere that is stimulating, enjoyable and supportive. The techniques are examined through slide shows and talks, and then put into practice to solve various creative projects. Participants will work individually and in groups to aid the flow of ideas, and will leave with the confidence to produce multiple solutions in creative situations.


100 Drawing Projects

This lively and energetic course moves swiftly through many aspects of drawing from traditional methods to contemporary experimental techniques. It is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn about all the possible skills, techniques, materials and methods of drawing and wants to build up a diverse and rich portfolio quickly. Through drawing you will explore and experiment with contemporary concepts, subjects and ideas. You will explore many themes such as time, memory, observation, and chance. If this sounds overwhelming don't worry, you will be guided through a wide variety of approaches and styles, and introduced to both traditional and experimental methods of drawing in an environment of encouragement. There will be illustrated talks on artists who have explored drawing in both traditional and experimental ways.


100 Design Projects

Students will undertake 100 projects in five days. The projects are fast, varied and are designed to encourage students not to be precious but to think in a free-ranging, open-minded manner. A diverse range of projects covers all aspects of design, including typography, packaging, advertising, illustration, branding, storyboards, posters and many conceptual design projects. Some run for the duration of the course, some only take a few minutes, some take hours, and often many projects are worked on at the same time. Every aspect of design is explored. There will be critiques, briefings and slide shows, all delivered in a lively and encouraging atmosphere. There is something for everyone in this course, especially if you have some design experience and want to reinvigorate yourself.


Contemporary Collage

You will explore collage as a pictorial medium that examines contemporary subjects and ideas. The emphasis is on experiencing collage as a tool for thinking, as a means for articulating form, as inspiration for transferring ideas to their art practice and to encourage you to nurture new ideas. The course probes traditional and experimental methods that enable you to visualize your ideas. Collage is experiencing an exciting renaissance due to contemporary ideas about both physically and conceptually bringing layered depth to work. Contemporary collage is based on ideas as well as on skills. This course will address both. The potential of collage will be explored as a versatile means of creating imagery, as a process of layering and juxtaposition that uses fragments of other media such as painting, printmaking, photography and text, among others. Illustrated talks provide a comprehensive overview of this exciting art form, outlining the history of the medium and investigating the new ways that collage is used throughout contemporary art today. The course is suitable for beginners or as a refresher for those who want to push their practice further. In an atmosphere that is stimulating and non-competitive, collage is used as a vehicle for personal growth.