1976-77         Bath Academy of Art, Foundation Diploma
1977-80         Kent Institute of Art and Design, B.A.  [First Class]      
1980-83         Royal College of Art, M.A.



2010               Thomas Corman Arts, London
2006               Thomas Corman Arts, London
2003               Bruton Street Gallery, London
2002               Bruton Street Gallery, London
2001               Jill George Gallery, Londo
2000               Jill George Gallery, London
1999               Jill George Gallery, London
1998               Jill George Gallery, London
1996               Jill George Gallery, London
1995               Jill George Gallery, London
1994               ‘Brittle’ Jill George Gallery, London
1991               Worcester Museum and Art Gallery, Worcester
                      Jill George Gallery, London
1988               Thumb Gallery, London
1986               ‘Struggles’ Thumb Gallery, London
1985               ‘The Transparent City’ Thumb Gallery, London
1984               ‘Walls’ Thumb Gallery, London
1983               ‘Sense of Doubt’ Thumb Gallery, London


SELECTED EXHIBITIONS                                         

2010               ‘Draw’ Royal College of Art
2009               ‘Summer’ Albermarle Gallery, London
2008               ‘Sport’ Lowry Gallery, Salford
2007               ‘Drawings’ Albermarle Gallery, London
2005               ‘Winter’ four person show, Albemarle Gallery

2004               ‘Camden’, Thomas Corman Arts. London
                       Palace Wharf Studios, London

2003               ‘Clouded’ Thomas Corman Arts, London
                      Palace Wharf Studios, London

2002               Thomas Corman Arts, London
                      Palace Wharf Studios, London

2000               ‘Artists of the Millennium’ Bruton Street Gallery
                     ‘Summertime’ Jill George Gallery, London
1999               ‘Spain 3’ Museum D’Ourense, Spain
                      Connoiseurs Gallerie, Paris
                     ‘The Figure Show ’ Jill George Gallerie

1998               Four Person Show, Jill George Gallerie, London
                      The 20th Century Art Fair, London

1997               ‘Four Painters’ Jill George Gallery, London
                      Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

1996               ‘First Sight’ Pitshanger Museum, London
                      ‘The Discerning Eye’ Mall Galleries, London
                      ‘Male Nude II’ David Holmes Gallery
                      ‘New Labour’ Riverside Studios

1996               ‘Figurative Paintings’ Jill George Gallery, London    
                      Glasgow Art Fair

1995               ‘The Drawing Show III’ Jill George Gallery, London
                      ‘The Male Nude’ David Holmes Contemporary Art, London
                      Art 95, London

1994               ‘Contemporary Art Market’ Festival Hall, London
                      The R.A.G. Exhibition,Watermans Art Centre, London

1993               ‘Descouvertes’ Grand Palais, Paris
                      ‘Drawings’ Jill George Gallery, London

1992               ‘New Patrons of Art’ Christies,London
                      ‘Foregrounds and Distances’ Di Serpenti Gallery, Rome
                      ‘Summer Show’ Jill George Gallery, London
                       Art 92’ London

1991               ‘Descouvertes’ Grand Palais, London
                      Summer Show, Royal Academy, London
                      6th International Art Fair, Los Angeles

1990               Art 90 London
                     ‘The drawing Show II’
                     ‘The Artist at Work’ Collectors Gallery, London
                     ‘Drawings’ Paton Gallery, London
1989               ‘Anniversary’ Royal College of Art, London
                     ‘Boundaries’ Fulham Palace, London
                      4th International Art Fair, Los Angeles


1988               ‘The Drawing Show’ Thumb Gallery, London
                      International Contemporary Art Fair, London
                      ‘Images of Flight’ Paton Gallery, London
                      ‘Adventure’ Hamilton Gallery, London and National
                      Museum of Wales and Arts Council Gallery, Belfast

1987               ‘Self Portrait-A Modern View’ Artsite, Bath             
                      ‘38 Lexington Street’ Thumb Gallery,  London
                      1st International Art Fair, Los Angeles

1986               Contemporary Art Society Exhibition, London
                      Bath Contemporary Art Fair
                      International Contemporary Art Fair, London

1985               ‘Drawings by British Artists’ Redfern Gallery, London
                      International Contemporary Art Fair, London
                      Bath Contemporary Art Fair

1984               Summer Show, Redfern Gallery, London
                     ‘10 Years On’ Thumb Gallery, London
                      1st International Contemporary Art Fair, London

1983               Summer Show, Royal Academy, London
                     ‘Summertime’ Tate Gallery, London
                     ‘City’ AOI Gallery, London
                     ‘The Male Nude’ Ebury Gallery, London
                      John Player Portrait Exhibition, National Portrait
                      Gallery, London
                      International Print Biennale, Illinois

1982               City of Westminster Arts Council Exhibition
                      ‘Personal View’ Thumb Gallery, London
                      ‘Trends 82’ Weighouse Gallery, London
                      British International Print Biennale, Bradford
                      Summer Show, Lyric Theatre, LONDON

1981               ‘Imperial Tobacco’ National Portrait Gallery, London
                      ‘On the Open Road’ Contemporary Arts Exhibition, London
                      ‘Spirit of London’ Greater London Council Exhibition



Worcester Museum and Art Gallery

South East Arts

City of Westminster Arts Council



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